Gleanings of the Road by Rabindranath Tagore : Translated by Somdatta Mandal

It is an impossible task for a person born and brought up on Bengali literature to review Tagore's work. Rabindranath Tagore is considered to be the epitome of art and literature and let me not attempt in analysing his literary pieces. Instead, let me go on and tell you what this new translation of his... Continue Reading →

Austenistan by Laaleen Sukhera

Laaleen Sukhera, founder of Jane Austen Society of Pakistan, along with few other Austen enthusiasts compiled this collection of short stories as a tribute to the author whose many female protagonists have won our hearts over the years. Full of quirky situations and funny replies, each of the tales from Pakistan are fun to read... Continue Reading →

50 Cups of Coffee by Khushnuma Daruwala

As clich├ęd as the title might sound, the book is far from being cheesy. Khushnuma has penned a very unusual and real take on the current matrimonial dating trend among youngsters. When the millenials are running away from real relationships throughout their lives, and finally resort to the internet's dating options, the result is hilariously... Continue Reading →

The Aunt who wouldn’t Die by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay

Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay is famous for his quirky, entertaining short stories and novellas in Bangla. The Aunt who wouldn't die is a novella that serves as a perfect example of his writing style. It is a translated edition of Goynar Baksho, and the translation has been beautifully done by Arunava Sinha who is one of the... Continue Reading →

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