Weekend Watch

Hey amazing people,
I love weekends, don’t you too? Well, everyone loves weekends (other than young kids who attend school and get to meet friends everyday). So most weekends I love staying at home and lazing around with a comfort read. Yes, I get those irritable stares from my parents who think their daughter has some abnormality to be holed up in the room the whole weekend. And how can I avoid the deathly threats from my friends whom I promise to meet and then make huge plans throughout the weekdays, only to cancel when I wake up on Saturday mornings. 

However, this Sunday I managed to become enthusiastic about going out and I not so surprisingly I did have a lot of fun. We went for a movie Trapped and this post is about letting you know why you must watch the film. 

  • The film has great direction. Coming from a talented person Vikram Motwane, whose Udaan can be regarded as a modern classic, Trapped is also a movie that is about to create its own niche in the industry. With mind-blowing direction, it is a movie that is close to perfection.
  • Rajkumar Rao’s brilliant performance will leave you mesmerised. It was so real, that every person inside the movie theater was uneasy and could hardly sit comfortably in the seats. 
  • I am sure this movie is going to create a new genre in Bollywood that has already been well-tapped in Hollywood. The survival genre- with its realistic portrayal is here to stay and we can expect many more such awesome upcoming movies (hopefully). 

I ditched Logan and The Beauty and the Beast to watch this and believe me, it was not at all a choice I regretted. 

We ended the day with a dinner at Neil’s Kitchen and may be, I will be getting out of my house more often on weekends now (or may be not ūüėČ). Here’s hoping your Monday blues go away and the Friday arrives soon enough. 

At Neil’s Kitchen

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