70 years of Independence : Discovering India Readathon

A readathon spanning over four days, from 12th to 15th August, with the sole purpose of rediscovering India through diverse literature


Thursday Quotables

This weekly feature is presented by Bookshelf Fantasies. I found the following lines from The Honest Season by Kota Neelima really beautiful. "She didn't mind the wait. She didn't fill her solitude with distractions. Those that life brought on its own were scattered in time, and she did not chase them, like others did, to find … Continue reading Thursday Quotables

Thursday Quotables

This weekly feature is hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies. I have read four books this week. And they have all been beautiful except a particular one which I found completely unable to bare and I have stopped reading it midway. Anyway, out of the four books it became really difficult to choose a particular quote. But these … Continue reading Thursday Quotables