Eating Wasps by Anita Nair

A book like this is intended to reach most human beings. A book like this can cloud your heart with the darkness that is seeping through its pages and engulf you in a shroud. Anita Nair's brilliant piece of work, Eating Wasps is a book dedicated to finding the missing links in our lives that … Continue reading Eating Wasps by Anita Nair

Femme March Fest Wrap Up

March was a crazy busy month wherein I hosted a readathon that consisted of reading books by female authors only and hosted a number of giveaways celebrating some excellent women writers. Reading wise, the month has been diverse and I must say, almost all of my reads were wonderful. Wrapping up the month with the … Continue reading Femme March Fest Wrap Up

The Whole Shebang by Lalita Iyer

'In equal parts badass and equal parts poignant. I can't recommend it enough.' ~Aditi Mittal So women have problems. We all know that! No, wait. I am not talking about misogyny, patriarchy, gender stereotyping, molestation, female infanticide, etc. These are issues that we have completely normalised and accepted. However, women have various other problems too … Continue reading The Whole Shebang by Lalita Iyer

Book Review : I am Big. So What? by Shuchi Singh Kalra

This post is dedicated to my best friend, who has called me beautiful every time I have ranted to her about my blemishes, stretch marks, protruding tummy and highly visible body fat, not 'cause she wanted to shut me up with blatant lies but because she actually thought I had beauty inside me. Published on … Continue reading Book Review : I am Big. So What? by Shuchi Singh Kalra